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Raffo, the Apulian beer with a positive spirit

Since 1919 Raffo, Taranto beer has established itself as the “definitely Apulian” beer. From today, however, the brand broadens its horizons by announcing the expansion of distribution of its product on the national territory, to bring the positive spirit typical of his land throughout Italy: because Puglia is more than a region, it is a self-ironic, positive and sincere state of mind.

The brand is ready to share its beers with the general public: a Raffo Original Recipe is accompanied by product innovation Raffo Raw Processing with the launch of the new campaign Raffo DEFINITELY PUGLIAN. On air since April 7, the video explains the Apulian people's love for Raffo in a fun and light-hearted way, with a distinctive tone of voice, to share all the authenticity and self-irony of the brand.

The commercial – entirely shot in Puglia – is an ironic film in which iconic characters and unique settings alternate in a rhythmic and light-hearted representation. Everything talks about Puglia and does so with a fun tone, at times ironically epic, underlined by the narrative voice of the actor Sergio Leonewithout ever taking itself too seriously, as in the true Apulian spirit that Raffo wants to bring throughout Italy, even to his friend from Bergamo!

«Raffo celebrates the typically Apulian ability to face life with a positive and determined spirit. And it is in this same spirit that we wanted to create a commercial that described the brand and its products, starting from places in which it was born and bring out all its modernity and originality. We are really excited to invest in a brand like Raffo and ensure that it continues to grow to be present throughout the national territory. Already at the end of last year we announced that we would launch Raffo Original recipe throughout Italy with a completely renewed image which however maintains its identity elements and a premium positioning in the beer market. And with the new entry into the family – Raffo Lavorazione Grezza – we are thrilled to expand the product offering and show it to the general public with a campaign that fully represents us and which wants to bring Puglia throughout Italy, not through the usual clichés, but in a fresh and fun way,” he declares Viviana ManeraMarketing Director of Birra Peroni.


This new communication project, aimed at the growth of Raffo and the scaling of its strong local identity to a national level, was created in synergy with the partner agencies, who followed and implemented the entire development. The Raffo DECISAMENTO PUGLIESE communication campaign will be spread across all channels thanks to the integrated media plan curated by OMDthe brand's media partner center, and the social content strategy developed by WaveMaker Content Italy. While McCann led the strategic and creative coordination, and Smith Lumen, a Milanese brand design agency with strong expertise in the beer sector, followed the development of the new image and the restyling of Raffo's visual identity. THEThe logo follows the movement of the Taras, the mythical symbol of Taranto and Raffo's icon, which has been completely redesigned. The waves convey the brand's deep connection with the sea. The packaging is also new, as is the design of the bottle Raffo Raw Processing: the shape of the glass is inspired by the towers of the Aragonese castle of Taranto and is embellished with the emboss of the waves. The waves that wash Taranto, the city of the two seas.

Raffo the Apulian beer with a positive spirit
Raffo the Apulian beer with a positive spirit
Raffo the Apulian beer with a positive spirit

Source: Vanity Fair

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