Rains in Minas Gerais cause ten deaths in 24 hours

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The rains in Minas Gerais caused ten deaths in 24 hours, according to the latest Civil Defense report released this Tuesday (11). The state currently has 13,756 homeless and 3,481 homeless.

The deaths in the period occurred in the cities of São Gonçalo do Rio Baixo, Ervália, Caratinga and Brumadinho.

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Since the beginning of the rainy season, on October 1st, the state has accumulated 19 deaths. The ten deaths recorded last Saturday (8) during the collapse of a rock in Capitólio are not part of the count.

interdictions on highways

According to the security forces of Minas Gerais, 106 points of interdiction were registered on state and federal highways, until last Monday (10).

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There are 80 partial interdiction points and 26 total interdiction points.

Care during the rainy season

The Civil Defense requests that the population be informed through text messages that are sent daily with weather alerts.

To register for the service, it is necessary to send an SMS to the number 40199, informing the zip code of the desired residence or location.

“We are issuing alerts so that the riverside population and people who live in risk areas leave their homes, go to relatives or safe places. In this way, we are able to prevent people from being affected, minimizing possible damage and tragedies. It is a very difficult situation, but the moment is to save lives”, explains the state coordinator of Civil Defense, Colonel Osvaldo de Souza Marques.

During lightning storms, people should seek shelter immediately, ruling out areas near trees and poles. Due to their high height, they can attract discharges and electrocute those nearby. If there are broken wires on the floor, do not touch or approach.

Electrical equipment in homes must be unplugged. Cell phones should only be used without being plugged in with the charger.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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