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Rains in RS: PF reinforces security in areas considered most critical in the state

This week, the Federal Police (PF) reinforces the sending of agents to Rio Grande do Sul to work on the security of cities and critical structures, mainly in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre. Police officers will also provide support to rescue citizens stranded by floods.

Among the structures considered critical that the PF will reinforce security is Salgado Filho International Airport, in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul. The site is flooded and closed indefinitely.

The PF will also act on the overt security of cities to prevent crimes and also guarantee support for volunteers who carry out operations even at night. Among the corporation's sectors are members of the Tactical Operations Command (COT), which provides training in crisis management.

According to the PF, 350 employees, including police and administrative agents, were mobilized to flood areas throughout the state. Much of it was moved from the other superintendencies in Paran√° and Santa Catarina.

Agents are using satellite radio, night vision goggles and thermal vision goggles, in addition to rescue actions and openings.

At the moment, the Federal Police employs 25 pickup trucks, 15 boats and 12 rescue boats, 6 tow vehicles, 30 regular vehicles, 1 helicopter, 10 jetskis, 1 truck and 1 tanker trailer to assist in rescuing victims and supporting joint operations with the other bodies involved and teams of volunteers.

Source: CNN Brasil

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