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Rains in RS: state has 95 people dead and 131 missing

The number of deaths confirmed as a result of the rains that hit Rio Grande do Sul since last week rose from 90 to 95, according to a report released by Civil Defense in the early evening of this Tuesday (7). In addition to the deaths, the state has 372 injured people and 131 missing people.

Four other deaths are under investigation. In other words, it is still being determined whether these people died due to the rain or other causes.

In total, 1,443,950 people were affected. Of these, 159,036 are homeless and 48,799 are in temporary shelters.

The storms affected 401 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul. According to governor Eduardo Leite (PSDB), the number is four times greater than what was recorded in September last year, when the state was hit by the passage of an extratropical cyclone. At the time, 54 people died.

See the balance sheet:

  • Confirmed deaths: 95
  • Deaths under investigation: 4
  • Affected municipalities: 401
  • People affected: 1,443,950
  • Homeless: 159,036
  • People in shelters: 48,799
  • Injured: 372
  • Missing: 131

More rain

The situation in the state could worsen even further in the coming days. This is because the formation of an extratropical cyclone is expected to cause more rain this week in Rio Grande do Sul. The cause of the instability is related to a cold front expected to cross the state between today and tomorrow.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the southernmost areas of the state of Rio Grande do Sul and the entire border region with Uruguay are expected to be hit by strong areas of instability, with heavy rains and storms.

In the extreme south of Rio Grande do Sul, volumes of rain are expected to exceed 100 millimeters in 24 hours, and may exceed 150 mm by the beginning of Wednesday (8).

Fighting fake news

Also this Tuesday, the government of Rio Grande do Sul drew attention to the spread of false news related to the activities of volunteers and donations sent to the state.

Click here to see the fake news denied by the state government.

(Published by Fábio Munhoz)

Source: CNN Brasil

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