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Rains in RS: with knee-deep mud, young man shows the destruction of his grandmother's house

Influencer Jesiel Henrique Burkhard, 23, decided to use his social networks to show the destruction of his grandmother's house after the property was completely submerged during the heavy rains that flooded Rio Grande do Sul. In the videos, you can see the young man walking in knee-deep mud. Even Jesiel's face is dirty.

In an interview with CNN , Jesiel reports that the house was planned not to suffer from flooding, but water entered the property three times in the last eight months. In September, the water rose 50 centimeters inside the house. Because it was early in the morning, the family lost many material possessions. During the November rains, it flooded ten centimeters.

The house is on Rua Borges de Medeiros, in the city of Lajeado, in Vale do Taquari. Two elderly people live there: Teresinha Geci da Silva, aged 70, and Arlindo da Silva, aged 90. They are Jesiel's wife's grandmother and great-uncle.

The elderly were rescued on April 30th by a truck that the family organized themselves, the street was already flooded. Teresinha and Arlindo are sheltering in the elderly woman's daughter's house. Jesiel says that the family will look for a property to rent, because the elderly no longer want to return home to Rua Borges de Medeiros.

In one of the videos shared on social media, the young man appears on the roof of his grandmother's neighbors' house. Jesiel went up, without any protection, to save a dog that had been trapped in the ceiling for five days.

The family adopted the little animal and is taking care of Vivi. The name was given as Vitória's nickname. Jesiel remembers that it took 20 minutes to rescue. “I took this action because she was suffering.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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