Raj Gokal: “Solana has no goal to kill Ethereum”

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Many call Solana the “Ethereum killer” because of its high bandwidth. However, according to the co-founder of Solana Labs Raj Gokal (Raj Gokal), the project does not have such a goal and opportunity.

Gokal made his statement during a discussion on the social network Twitter. Chris Burniske, co-founder of venture capital firm Placeholder notedthat despite the “nice words”, every first level blockchain would like to remain the only one on the market.

“These are not just nice words. We really don’t need a fight. The more platforms the better. Users will be able to test them and switch between them, and time will tell who is better. In fact, we all need to promote Web 3.0. You think we are trying to “kill” Ethereum. But you cannot kill him, it is impossible. In addition, he has already become a wonderful and kind force, inspiring millions and creating billions. Bitcoin is naturally the same power. ” replied Gokal.

Solana is currently ranked fifth in the CoinMarketCap ranking in terms of capitalization. The SOL coin has grown by 11,742% over the year and is now trading at $ 237. Ether during the same time grew by 931% and is traded at $ 4,800. At the same time, the managing director of Goldman Sachs Global Markets, Bernard Rzimelka, believes that ether can almost double by the end of the year and reach $ 8,000.

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