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Ralf, Chrystian’s former duo, performs first show after his brother’s death

The country singer Ralph former duo Chrystian , played his first show after the death of his brother, who died on Wednesday (19), aged 67, after a septic shock. The presentation took place in Nazário, city of Goiás, on Friday (21).

A fan in the audience filmed the moment and paid tribute to the artist on social media . “No words, what an ultra-mega professional human being committed to his art. In this very painful moment and he is here”, he wrote on Instagram.

Ralf singing on stage, at the first show after his brother's death

Chrystian died after being admitted to Hospital Samaritano, in São Paulo, with pneumonia. The hospital unit reported that the singer died due to septic shock — a term also known as generalized infection, a condition that can spread quickly and cause harmful impacts on various organs. The condition worsened due to the artist’s comorbidities.

In February, he was admitted to undergo a kidney transplant after being diagnosed with polycystic kidney — a disorder in which cysts develop in organs. As there were unforeseen circumstances in the pre-operative exams, the surgery was postponed.

Ralf and Chrystian became known nationally for their partnership. With a career spanning 40 years, they definitively broke up in 2021. The duo released 20 albums, 32 compilations and 2 acoustic DVDs.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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