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Rama’s intransigence on the Beleri issue – “Greece is not right”

Immovable in his fixed position that the Beleri case it is exclusively about justice and both he and his government have neither interfered nor will they interfere, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama appeared in an interview.

Speaking to the television station A2CNN, he repeated that “Greece is not right in the matter of Beleris” and added: “Albania is a state that has no other justice for citizens of Albanian citizenship and no other justice for Albanians of other citizenship. It is not a minority rights issue. We don’t have a problem with minorities. We have done for the minorities what many other European countries have not done.”

Regarding the issue of the swearing-in of Beleris, whose trial is ongoing in Tirana, he claimed that “we have no possibility to decide whether or not the swearing-in will take place, neither does the General Directorate of Prisons, the law clearly defines when it takes place”.

Mr. Rama appeared to be indifferent to the European urges and any statements of EU officials to find a solution to the whole issue, even saying that: “even if the European Council turns upside down, we are not negotiating anything beyond the strategic interest of Albania , which is the implementation of the reform in Justice and ensuring the independence of the institutions of justice”.

Source: News Beast

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