Rampage New Night in Northern Ireland

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Despite calls for calm from London, Dublin and Washington, new violent incidents erupted last night in Northern Ireland, which has been hit by a week of unrest that the British countryside has seen for years.

Belfast, police force suppressing faced with troubles Republicans demonstrators after receiving stones and Molotov cocktails, while trying to prevent that a plurality of carriage to the Unionists demonstrators transmits reporter French Agency.

It has been a week since the British countryside was rocked by these unprecedented clashes since 1998, with a large number of missiles being fired at police and cars burning, mostly in areas where the British crown, most of them Protestants.

These violent incidents, which have so far injured more than 50 police officers, bring to light the memories of the 3,500 deaths during the three decades of “riots” between Catholic Republicans seeking reunification with Ireland and Protestant United , ardent supporters of maintaining the province’s union with Britain.

New unrest erupted despite calls for calm earlier today by the prime ministers of Britain and Ireland, who have joined forces with Northern Ireland leaders, Unionists and Republicans, to condemn this “unacceptable” violence, amid a climate of violence. tension and bitterness in the aftermath of Brexit.

Ahead of the special session of the local parliament, the Government of Northern Ireland, made up of Unionists and Republicans, issued a joint statement denouncing “completely unacceptable and unjustified violence, regardless of concerns”, calling for an end to police, public services and communities “.

Boris Johnson, who sent Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis to the region, had a conversation this afternoon with his Irish counterpart, Michael Martin.

“Stressing that violence is unacceptable, they called for calm,” the Dublin statement said. “Through dialogue and work on the institutions set up by the Good Friday Agreement (which ended the riots in 1998), we must move forward.”

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