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Rampant goat in Spain throws tourist off cliff, injures two others

Not even in their wildest dreams did they think they would experience what 3 female tourists from Netherlandswhen while hiking in her Granada Spainwere attacked by a goat!

The animal attacked one first 64 years oldwhich he threw off a cliff 20 meterscausing her to break her wrists, sparing the worst!

The goat then attacked two more women who were in its company Dutch, injuring them. According to Murcia Todayone woman was knocked unconscious by the blows while the other escaped with a few bruises.

Them Principles reported a local resident, who saw the incident and even needed the help of a helicopter to free the three women.

The operation to free her was so difficult Dutch due to the weather, which the Principles they took over 15 hours to reach the spot, while the 64-year-old woman had found refuge in an abandoned barn.

According to experts, the goats and goats are in breeding season, which makes the animals more aggressive, with the three women essentially being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Source: News Beast

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