Raoul Bova on trial for defending his partner Rocìo Muñoz Morales

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A bad story is involving Raoul Bova, accused of private violence, threats and injury to a motorist. The facts date back to April 27, 2019, when the motorist risked investing Rocio Munoz Morales, Bova’s companion and mother of his two daughters, Moon and Soul.

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Outside a restaurant, before getting into his car, the forty-two-year-old would have performed one risky maneuver to park, unleashing the wrath of Bova. According to the accusation, the actor would have lost his head, screaming, as reported by the Courier of Rome, phrases like: “Did you see what you did?”, “I’ll fix you” and “I’ll kill you”, present in the proceedings of the trial which in these days is involving the plaintiff.

The man would not apologize and soon the two would come to blows. To begin, just Bova, who would have pulled him out of the car and punched him on the shoulder. For him, five days of prognosis. Even the driver, however, must answer for his behavior: the accusation is of private violence for having carried out a risky maneuver that endangered the safety of Morales, who filed a civil action.

Now that the story is in the public domain, Bova has broken the silence, publishing a post via social media that says it all about how he thinks, while not going into the legal details of this bad story: “I have always defended and will not allow violence and arrogance towards women. A man who has these behaviors must be called in another way. I apologize on their behalf ».


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