Raoul Pal: I’m Holding Back So As Not To Sell All My Btc And Convert Everything To Eth

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Raul Pal, a well-known cryptocurrency enthusiast and CEO of Real Vision TV, believes that ether looks the most attractive for investment in cryptocurrencies at the moment.

Raoul Pal stressedthat remains a fan of bitcoin, but he has to restrain himself from selling his BTC and transferring all his savings to ETH. The investor gave a graph of the ETH / BTC pair and emphasized that the trough had been passed and now we should expect a large-scale increase in ether. The Ethereum ecosystem shows growth of 100% over the year, while Bitcoin’s indicator is about 50%. The ecosystem of the second cryptocurrency itself attracts a huge number of developers and entrepreneurs.


“When you look at DeFi, NFT, tokens and other projects, most of them are priced in ETH, even work is counted in ETH. Ether is rapidly becoming the currency of the digital world, with BTC being the primary collateral. At the moment, given the upcoming launch of ETH 2.0, that is, a decrease in fees on the Ethereum network and the number of available coins on the market, I restrain myself not to sell all my BTC and transfer everything to ETH. I admit that I am a fan of bitcoin, but now, for the greatest profit, ETH looks more attractive, “wrote the investor.


Interestingly, cryptocurrency skeptic Peter Brandt supported the position of Raoul Pal and said that he “thinks the same.”

Raoul Pal said earlier that the volatility of bitcoin is a positive factor for traders. At the same time, after the recent fall in the rate, BTC continues to consolidate, and ETH has won back most of the losses.

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