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Raoul Pal predicts a serious rise in the price of Bitcoin

British financial expert Raoul Pal predicted a significant increase in the price of Bitcoin (BTC), hinting at a parabolic trajectory for the asset.

A former executive at Goldman Sachs, Pal has positioned himself as a strong supporter of cryptocurrencies.

Why Pal is confident in the growth of Bitcoin

Pal expects the market to soon enter a period he humorously calls the “Banana Zone.” The analyst believes that this moment will be the beginning of a general boom in the field of cryptocurrencies, which will continue until 2025.

Pal's forecast is linked to the global liquidity cycle, which has shown a clear pattern since the 2008 financial reset. According to him, adjustments in interest rates and debt maturities create an ideal macroeconomic rhythm.

The analyst also explained that the main driver of growth will be the “Comprehensive Code”, which he describes as a repeating business cycle, enhanced by bursts of liquidity. Each such cycle supposedly depreciates the currency, so digital assets will thrive in these conditions.

Raoul Pal compares the current cycle with previous ones. Source: X (Twitter)

While Pal's forecasts are based on comprehensive financial theory and historical data, he cautions that the market can still bring many surprises, including sharp corrections or extended periods of low volatility.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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