Rapporteur in the Chamber defends excluding PEC state of emergency

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The PEC rapporteur for kindnesses, Danilo Forte (UB-CE), told CNN that it intends to make at least three changes to the text of the PEC of benefits approved by the Senate last week: the exclusion of the state of emergency, which in practice allows the government to make extrateto expenditures; inclusion of benefits to application drivers; and a policy to encourage biodiesel.

“There is discomfort in the legal environment with the repercussions of the state of emergency. I remember that we put exceptionalities in the spending ceiling law. I will analyze them to see if these exceptions in the ceiling law give legal certainty to the PEC,” he said.

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He said that it is about ensuring legal guarantee for the PEC, given that it can be taken to court.

The New Party announced on Friday that it will file a Direct Action of Unconstitutionality in the Federal Supreme Court.

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One of the anticipated questions is precisely the inclusion of the state of emergency.

The resource was used for the PEC to pierce the ceiling. Its estimated cost is R$ 41.5 billion.

Regarding app drivers, he said that “they were left out of the Senate text although they do the same job as taxi drivers, which were included in the Senate’s PEC”.

The rapporteur also said that he intends to include a specific policy to encourage biodiesel.

“It would be to elaborate rules of expansion of the production base with market guarantee for this production. It is up to the government to make it clear that biodiesel production will be acquired by oil distributors with a grant from the National Petroleum Agency (ANP).”

Source: CNN Brasil

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