Rare escalation of violence on the Israeli-Lebanese border after the incidents in Jerusalem

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A rocket fired from Lebanese territory landed in an empty field in Israel today and the Israeli artillery retaliated by firing against the area from where it came from, the Israeli armed forces announced.

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The rare escalation of violence on the two countries’ borders follows repeated incidents over the past fortnight between Palestinians and Israeli security forces in Jerusalem Square, which have sparked outrage in the Arab world and international concern.

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Small Palestinian militant groups in Lebanon carry out sporadic attacks on Israel from time to time.

The Israeli General Staff said no air defense sirens sounded and no alarm was sounded due to the rocket launch. The Iron Dome air defense system is not necessarily activated to intercept and destroy rockets unless they threaten to strike residential areas or military positions.

In retaliation for the attack, the Israeli artillery targeted the location from where the launch took place, the staff noted via Twitter, without going into further details.

Spanish Lt. Gen. Aroldo Latharo Saenth, commander of the United Nations Transitional Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), has called for “calm and restraint,” his Twitter account said.

Israel’s northern border has been relatively calm since the Israeli-led war in 2006 with Hezbollah, a Shiite militant group that’s practically in control of much of southern Lebanon and has a large arsenal of well-advanced rockets.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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