Ratatouille it musical: da TikTok a Broadway

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The theaters are all closed, the shows are waiting to resume and the billboards are there, firm to a later date, with tickets already sold that are moved to the following months. But if Broadway is closed at least until next fall, it is TikTok that has managed to give a boost of positivity and energy.

On the social beloved by the youngest, it will be staged Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical with multi-star cast. Wayne Brady, Adam Lambert, Tituss Burgess and Ashley Park will be the stars of the show inspired by the 2007 Disney-Pixar cartoon about the little French mouse who dreamed of becoming a great chef because “anyone can cook”.

But this musical was not born like all the others. It was cartoon fans who started this phenomenon of online music crowdsourcing. It all started in August, when Emily Jacobsen @e_jaccs, a 26-year-old from New York who loves Disney cartoons, composed “Ode to Remy”, a love ballad towards the mouse Rémy, and posted it on TikTok thus unleashing only the likes of his followers but also those who have decided to collaborate by making other songs for the musical. So hundreds of people started sharing new songs and ideas for this hypothetical musical: first the music, then the choreography and scenography. A sort of collective writing of a virtual musical.

In the meantime, a real dedicated profile @RatatouilleTheTikTokMusical was created at the end of October, in order to collect and select the best ideas.

@e_jaccsA love ballad ##remy ##rat ##ratatoille ##disney ##wdw ##disneyworld ##ratlove ##ratlife ##rats ##Alphets ##StanleyCup ##CanYouWorkIt

♬ Ode to Remy – In Jaccs

Less than a month later, the theater production company Seaview announced that the show would become a musical whose proceeds would benefit the Actors Fund which supports actors out of work due to theater closures.

The show will be broadcast live on January 1st on the Todaytix platform and will be available online for 72 hours after the premiere. Tickets can be purchased here from $ 5.

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