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Raul Pal predicts the growth of the crypto market in the next 12-18 months

Real Vision CEO Raul Pal said that the cryptocurrency markets have bottomed out, so traders should not be afraid of an even bigger drop, but should think about the future.

Former Goldman Sachs CEO Raoul Pal believes that recession speculation on social media cannot claim to be true, because people are often focused on the current situation, and cryptocurrencies are about the future.

According to Pal, it is likely that inflation will turn negative in the next 12-18 months, and this will be good for risky assets such as digital currencies.

“The recession is behind us, rates have come down, as has inflation. Cryptocurrencies bottomed back in June. I think that when it comes to cryptocurrencies, everything is built on the long term – the higher the growth potential, the better the market feels,” Pal said.

Previously, Pal said that after the transition of Ethereum to a new algorithm, the cryptocurrency will become a much more attractive asset for investors, as it is a safe and easy way to invest your funds.

Source: Bits

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