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Rave/Eclipse, the incredible journey of Tananai

Alberto Cotta Ramusino, in art Tananaifrom the nickname with which his grandfather called him, exactly one year ago he was preparing to go on stage at Sanremo Giovani with Exaggerated. On the scene for some time, in that race the attempt to reach a wider audience. Selected to participate among the Big but comes last. Yet, unexpectedly, great success also arrives. Casual Sex And Baby Godman they get respectively one and three platinum records. Tour dates multiply, in larger locations. He sings in the summer The sweet life with his friend Fedez and Mara Sattei. Tananai becomes the name of revenge, the symbol that you don’t always need to win to make it. On Friday, November 25, her first album of unreleased songs is released, which contains all of her first songs. Rave/Eclipse it is the photograph of a 27-year-old artist who suddenly finds himself in the spotlight, who shows his playful soul, but who at the same time hides great fragility. «There is the craziest, lightest part, the one that perhaps in the last year has allowed most people to get to know me: the Rave. But after the party there’s always the down, the Eclipse, my more introspective side. The only thing these two aspects of me have in common is always getting naked and I promised myself that I would do it with every aspect of my life».

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Love, insecurities, repentance, the desire to celebrate the beautiful experiences of life and to have fun, but also the desire to bare one’s insecurities, Tananai shows all its faces. From Abysmalthe single currently in radio rotation where he shows his most romantic side a Those like us, a generational anthem for those who live in the balance between wanting to appear and wanting to be. There are style exercises like Little Gabber And Rave/Eclipse, and dedications to his fiancée in Black Soy Sauce. The only feat on the disc is Aries, who sings with him Minefield, perhaps the most delicate passage. Tananai puts his change to music and is ready to prove that everything that is happening to him is deserved. He will be on tour from May 5th.

Source: Vanity Fair

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