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Reacting to Blue Monday: clothes and accessories that bring joy

The holidays are over, the light is scarce and it’s cold: three unequivocal signs that it is time to celebrate the saddest anniversary (at least for those who live in the northern hemisphere). The third Monday of January is in fact the so-called Blue Monday: second Sky Travel, British broadcaster that first coined this term in 2005, on this date people realize not only that after Christmas and New Year’s Eve we will have to wait a bit before go on vacation again but also that, after two weeks of celebrations, the bank account has been tested by dinners and gifts.


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Scientific theory or publicity stunt? Whatever the truth is there is no doubt that the beginning of the year is a bit difficult for everyone. Also to blame for the fact that the greyness it seems to take possession of everything. If, in particular, you are among whom wears only in black this is probably the right time to change the pace of your look. Why the usual outfit, suddenly, it seems more depressing than chic.

All that remains is to break its gloomy tones with a rainbow sweater it’s a tie-dye handbag, earrings shaped gummy bear e sunglasses with pink lenses. On the other hand, the color it has never been like this trendy. Brand word like The Elder Statesman, for example, which makes garments in high quality cashmere with psychedelic patterns e fantasie colorful who have conquered stars like Rihanna e Gigi Hadid.

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O di Loewe, which for the second consecutive year comes out, right in January, with a capsule collection in collaboration with Studio Ghibli all inspired by the film The Enchanted City, a masterpiece by Hayao Myazaki. Fashion therefore launches a message loud and clear: to start the year on the right foot you need to be a little child again and focus on color.

Lately, in fact, the more serious minimalism seems to have given way to desire for fun and experimentation, at least on the pitch fashion. To give your wardrobe an injection of positivity, therefore, you just have to browse the gallery below to choose clothes and accessories with immediate effect mood boosting.

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