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Real-life duchess says she’s looking for a role in “Bridgerton”

Sarah Ferguson , the Duchess of York, opened her heart when talking about her artistic side. At 64 years old, the author and former member of British royalty, who has already made cameo appearances in “Friends” and the film “An American in Austen”, said that she would love to expand her audiovisual career.

In an interview with the British magazine HELLO!, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, one of Queen Elizabeth II’s sons, revealed: “I had a cameo in the Hallmark movie ‘An American in Austen’. I would like to do more appearances and voiceovers, and I asked my agent to get me a part in ‘Bridgerton’.”

In addition to her on-camera appearances, the Duchess will also be actively working behind the scenes.

“Hallmark asked me to write five romantic comedies and [meu livro] ‘Her Heart for a Compass’ will be turned into a TV series,” he said.

Her first two books were period romances, and although she has a third in the works, she plans to put the project on the shelf for now as she is focusing on a crime and mystery story.

“I’ve already started the third book with HarperCollins and am collaborating again with [a também escritora] Marguerite Kaye. But we might delay it for six months because we’re delving deeper into the crime genre and I’m quite excited about that,” she explained. “It’s absolutely bizarre, but it really amuses me,” she added.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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