Reasons why iMessage never arrived on Android

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iMessage is a major hurdle for Apple ecosystem users looking to migrate to Android, so this app will never appear on Google’s mobile system. This became known during the litigation between Epic Games and Apple. According to testimonials and internal documents from the Cupertino-based company, the Android version of iMessage was not created for competition reasons. This is recognized by former Apple employees, as well as some of its top managers.

Epic Games’ representatives in court argue that Apple is deliberately trying to tie customers to its ecosystem, and iMessage is one of the key services that helps it in this. To support their argument, they cite the words of the company’s senior vice president of software Eddie Cue, senior vice president of software development Craig Federighi and senior vice president of marketing Philip Schiller.

In 2016, a former Apple employee, in a letter to Phil Schiller, called iMessage the most difficult to exit the ecosystem. Schiller responded that moving iMessage to Android would hurt the company more than it would help. Other documents quoted Craig Federighi expressing concern that the Android version of iMessage would simply remove the obstacle to iPhone parents buying their kids Android smartphones. According to Eddie Cue, Apple decided not to develop iMessage for Android back in 2013. He admits that the company could well have made a version that would work with both platforms.

Epic Games also cites a number of other Apple services that it believes are hindering the move to Android. Among them is FaceTime video calling technology, which Steve Jobs called an open industry standard at WWDC 2010. The application was subsequently released for iPhone, iPad and Mac, but today it is not officially available for devices from other manufacturers.

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