Reassurance about content was not conveyed to students, says former president of Inep

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Maria Inês Fini, former president of the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) and one of the creators of the National High School Exam (Enem), told CNN that, despite complaints about interference by the federal government in the content of the test, there was no inclusion of questions. “What happened was the removal of items that did not return, a stage in history that was not included”, he says.

Despite considering the government’s “absurd” attitude, Fini guarantees that, in practice, this movement did not interfere with the students’ taking the exam, since the required content continues to be those of the high school curriculum.

“The math, physics, chemistry and biology studied by the students to prepare themselves were enough to guarantee success in the test. However, this tranquility, unfortunately, was not passed”, he says.


Regarding abstentions in the test, which reached 26% on the first day of the test and exceeded 50% on the second, Fini points out that, historically, the second stage of the test has fewer participants, but he complained about the lack of initiative of the Ministry of Education in the incentive to attend.

“How much the Ministry of Education should have done to call students for today’s date”, he says.

She also assesses that the lack of efficient communication about possible interference in the test and the insecurity generated by the dismissal of Inep professionals may have contributed to the number of missing students.

The primary objective of the exam, when conceived in 1998, was to assess how young people would be able to contextualize the contents learned at school and apply them in everyday situations.

“We wanted to signal to young people and their families that what we were wanting from them were thought structures, not just content scans,” she explains.

In the beginning, the Enem was not classified, it was only used to assess students who were leaving high school. In 2009, there was a reformulation in the test model, which allows for a rigorous classification of students, so that the Exam is used as a means of entering higher education.

(* Supervised by Layane Serrano)

Reference: CNN Brasil

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