Rebecca Paleologos with Inverzio revolutionizes the field of human interaction

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Rebecca Paleologos (29 years old)

Rebecca co-founded the company Inverzio (2021), in which she has taken on the role of managing director. The motivation behind her decision to enter the field of entrepreneurship was her vision to contribute to the improvement of human everyday life and to leave a personal mark in the global field of technology.

Inverzio is a technology company that develops products that aim to revolutionize human interaction. The first product is Invite.Club, a social networking platform that systematizes the human habit of sending and accepting social invitations. There are two types of users: Hosts (users who post invitations) and Guests (users who fill out an application form). Invite.Club has specialized software algorithms that achieve user mapping, the acceptance of which incurs financial costs to the Hosts.

Inverzio has secured a € 500,000 private funding commitment for the development of Invite.Club and € 3.6 million (55 55% NSRF-funded) for a design product that uses algorithms for learning and teaching , offering privacy and security, in special meetings such as medical sessions, public administration, court testimonies, etc.

Rebecca was an excellent student, first in her year in all years, with numerous honors, including awards in the Panhellenic Student Competitions. He excelled in the pan-Hellenic entrance exams and was admitted in 2010 to the EMMY school at the National Technical University of Athens.

After graduating, he accepted a job offer from Bloomberg in London, working as a software scientist in some of the most demanding software technologies. Within four years he was promoted to senior software science.

In addition to his professional development, he has contributed to a global information campaign aimed at bridging the gender gap in technology.

Carried out events and recruitment programs in various European countries, became responsible in Greece and Romania for all recruitment and actions to promote equality. She co-founded the “Women in Economics & Technology” community. She spoke on technology, leadership and equality at Bloomberg and outside Europe, in the US, including two presentations at the Grace Hopper Celebration, the world’s largest women’s technology conference. In 2019 he was awarded for outstanding contribution to the integration of diversity and gender equality.

Methodology: Out of the more than 100 nominations collected by “Forbes” – either through applications of the interested parties themselves or through proposals from institutions and competent bodies – the editorial team made a first selection and came up with 50. The jury, which consisted of Mr. Spyros Theodoropoulos (CEO of Chipita), Nikos Karamouzis (former President of Eurobank and the Hellenic Banking Association, President of Grant Thornton), Michalis Bletsas (Director of Informatics at MIT Media Lab), Theocharos Filipos, president of Attica Publications), evaluated the 50 candidacies with scores from 1 (lowest) to 4 (highest), based on which the final ranking was formed. The order of publication is defined according to the members’ rating (from highest to lowest) and then alphabetically. Conditions for participation in the list “Forbes 30 Under 30 Greece 2022” were met by those born from 1/1/1992 onwards.

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Source From: Forbes

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