Rebel Wilson in costume: “It’s not weight that defines us”

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Rebel Wilson is still learning to love herself, to accept and show themselves as they are. For too long – and still today – it has let the number of the scale define it. The 42-year-old Australian actress said Hollywood fattened her because she was hanging around there were few overweight actresses in the starsystem capable of interpreting comic or brilliant roles (often the plump friend of the protagonist, shoulder to cry on, in short, the nice one on duty but never the real star). The dizzying cachets were a motivation further to continue on this path.

Today those days are almost completely over. Today she has become a wellness fanatic and she feels guilty if she overcomes the nutritionist’s table during a weekend. She told it herself on Instagram to her 11.2 million fans.

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She posted a photo in a fuchsia one-piece swimsuit, with a sarong covering her belly and waist. The reason for this see-through effect is explained by herself in the caption of the image: «I just noticed that I gained three kilos during my vacation (emoticon with little monkey covering his eyes) I’m in a beautiful all-inclusive resort… I have lost all my self-control (emoticon with wink and tongue). But you know what? Tomorrow I can get up and go to the gym, I hydrate, I eat healthily and I love myself. It doesn’t help to get heavy on yourself but i know what it’s like to feel guilty and not great after eating too much. But if you are like me, know that you are worth more than your weight, it’s not your weight that defines youjust try to do your best to be healthy and don’t be too hard on yourself (little heart) be the best version of you (little heart) “.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with this subtext for which the equation thinness = beauty is perpetuated (understood in the broadest sense, as she says, calling it “best version of you”) we see how much the actress is looking for a balance with herself, with the changes in her body and with the image projected in the mirror.

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He lost 40 pounds in one year, has a new love (she was forced to come out by introducing her partner Ramona Agruma, after being paparazzi with her) and is redefining his professional potential, all at once.

That is why that advice that seems directed to others it is perhaps a reminder to itself, a way not to judge every choice, every gram on the scale, every forkful. She still can’t do it completely if the first thought after a good meal is to run for a detox path, but, like everyone, she too needs time, trials, missteps and falls, before understanding her own well. limits. However as an artist he uses the body as a tool of the trade and it must apply additional consideration to the natural cures that each of oneself goes through in order to live a wholesome existence.

Rather than applauding the post as a hymn to bodypositivity, you could take a further step and go further, that is, thank you for showing your humanity and for continuing to talk about a topic that often remains taboo.

Source: Vanity Fair

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