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Rebirth of television. Why should every home have a smart TV?

Remember how, before the start of a hit series or TV show, everyone was in a hurry to go home, and the yards were empty – the family gathered in front of the TV. The airwaves literally dictated the viewing time and content. It was impossible to miss interesting TV shows, the reruns were played at inconvenient times. And if two interesting programs were broadcast at the same time on different channels? At least buy a second TV and record the air on a cassette. Today everything has changed, there is an opportunity to watch any content alone on a smartphone, and many look on TVs as an outdated format. But this is not the case!

A modern smart TV with the Salyut TV operating system is not tied to the air and gives much more possibilities. There are online cinemas and YouTube, your videos can be watched from a flash drive. And in front of the big screen, as before, you can get together with the whole family. Kids will love the mini-games, while older gamers will love the cloud-based SberPlay service. At the same time, the TV plays the role of a voice-controlled smart home center. With its help, you can turn on and off the light if you have Sber smart bulbs or partners, control electrical appliances through smart sockets, order groceries and ready meals with simple voice commands, thanks to the integration with Scooter and Delivery Club.

Any content at the right time

Previously, it was impossible to skip the next episode of the TV show. Today, online cinemas and YouTube for smart TVs are structured differently – thousands of movies, TV shows and TV shows are available at any given time without ads. Something new can be found in guidelines and collections.

There is a smart TV and the streaming service “SberSvuk”. With its help it is convenient to listen to your favorite music, and with the function “Show the text” it becomes possible to sing along.

You can connect a cable or a regular antenna to a TV with Salyut TV. But on-air television has not fundamentally changed, the strict schedule and a large number of non-scrolling advertisements remained in place. I didn’t pull an extra wire, I used the built-in service with good quality Internet TV.

Versatile assistant with voice assistant

The capabilities of Salyut TV are not limited to watching video content, primarily thanks to Salyut’s virtual assistants. With their help, you can find out news, exchange rates, weather and any background information from the Internet. Russian developers instilled in the assistants correct speech and a good understanding of the context. They do not need precise wording, it is enough to ask the question of interest in understandable human language. Inside there is a choice of three characters: Athena has a business style of communication, Sber has a moderate understanding tone, and Joy has a light style and a good mood.

I liked the opportunity to order groceries through Scooter and ready meals from Delivery Club. It is enough to ask Salut to order your favorite delicacy, for example, pizza, and the Delivery Club will immediately open. Do you like to cook yourself? Ask what dish to concoct for lunch or a gala dinner. The assistant will first demonstrate all suitable recipes, then suggest adding the missing products to the Scooter basket, and then tell you the cooking procedure. All this on your TV with voice control! A separate number is the Duet concierge service, which can independently call a restaurant or a beauty salon to book a table or schedule a haircut. The system will first find out all the wishes, and then voice them to the operator at the other end of the telephone wire.

The virtual assistant can control a smart home, for example, turn off the light. It’s much easier to do it with your voice than to get up off the couch and walk to the light switch. The TV is the center of a smart home with the ability to connect bulbs (for E27, E14 and even GU10 sockets), sockets or relays for home automation. Bulbs can shine in any color from the RGB palette, like LED strips. In this case, the virtual assistant can be asked not only to dim the lights, but to set a romantic setting or turn on the northern lights.

Voice control is convenient, but sometimes conversations can interfere with household members. The complete remote control is not like the old-fashioned “pieces” with rubber buttons. It is tiny, equipped with just the right clickable keys and connects via Bluetooth.

The Salute application for a smartphone contains a virtual remote control that will definitely not get lost somewhere in the house. There was a place on the screen for all buttons and a touch panel with a mouse that is convenient in an Internet browser.

Cloud gaming SberPlay

You can pass the time not only with movies and music, there are casual games in the Salyut TV application catalog, including those with voice control. For example, “True or False”, “Cities”, “2048” and other entertainment that will appeal to both adults and children.

Something has been prepared for hardcore gamers too. The SberPlay service provides access to computer games via the Internet – no game console is needed. The catalog contains several games from Gaijin Entertainment: War Thunder, CRSED: FOAD and Crossout. Additionally, you can connect accounts of well-known studios with full access to the entire variety of games. You don’t need to look at the system requirements, SberPlay servers can handle any AAA project. The Salute application for a smartphone has a virtual gamepad; you can connect a joystick via Bluetooth.

Smart TV Salyut TV is affordable

Salyut TV is focused on televisions of affordable brands and sets the bar for quality in this particular segment. Therefore, TVs from SberDevices are inexpensive compared to major brands. I got a 50-inch Hyundai model in my hands, the impressions are extremely pleasant. Still, the developers have special requirements for the hardware and test updates before each release.

The second point is payment for online cinemas, music and other amenities. Many services are included in SberPrime for 199 rubles per month or 1,999 rubles per year. Namely: Okko online cinema, SberSvuk music service, free delivery from SberMarket and bonuses in other services from Sber’s ecosystem. I think that all the discounts received during use will pay off the cost of the subscription itself. SberPlay cloud gaming is paid separately – 1 ruble per minute of the game or 799 rubles for unlimited.

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