Recipe book 1.65

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The best recipes for every day: salads, meat, fish dishes, pastries, rolls, etc.

The “Recipe Book” application contains about 7000 of the best recipes: first courses, meat dishes, fish dishes, salads, pastries, rolls, pancakes and much more. The application will become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen, with which you can delight your loved ones every day. The recipes are described in sufficient detail to make them easy to use and implement.

The application supports night mode and offline mode (without the Internet), there is a search. The recipes you like can be added to favorites, and can also be shared with friends. Each recipe is illustrated with an Internet connection.

The app remembers where you left off for each category. Thanks to this, you can later resume reading from the same place. You can also read recipes in random order (not by category).

The collection of recipes includes:

– Salads

– Snacks, sandwiches

– First meal

– Second courses

– Fish dishes

– Sweet pastries

– Savory pastries

– Pancakes, pancakes

– Cakes, pastries

– Desserts

– Interesting

– Meat dishes

– Sushi rolls

– Drinks, cocktails

– Sauces, dressings

– Blanks

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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