Record LNG imports in the two months of August – September

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By Haris Fludopoulos

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Within a period of 2 months in August and September, 16 cargoes of liquefied natural gas LNG are to arrive at the Revythoussa terminal, as the demand for the fuel remains high within the Greek market while large quantities are expected to be exported to Bulgaria. During the two months, total quantities of liquefied natural gas of 7,525,000,000 KWh are expected to arrive in Revythoussa.

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More specifically, a total of 8 loads are scheduled to arrive in August. From these 4 loads totaling 1,230,000,000 KWh will arrive on behalf of DEPA. Two loads of a total quantity of 647,000,000 KWh concern the Bulgarian MET Energy, while one load will be carried by Mytilineos (1,000,000,000 KWh) and Elpedison with Bulgargaz (950,000,000 KWh).

For September, 8 loads are also expected to arrive. MET Energy will carry 3 loads totaling 928,000,000 KWh, while Elpedison is expected to carry two loads (270,000,000 KWh). A load is planned to be carried by Motor Oil with Bulgargaz (1,000,000,000 KWh), Mytilineos (1,000,000,000 KWh) and DEPA (500,000,000 KWh).

It is recalled that in the first half of the year, according to the official data of DESFA, LNG imports reached 17,325TWh and represented 47,295 of the total natural gas imports in the country.

Source: Capital

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