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Reduction in ICMS on diesel goes into effect this Friday (1st) in RS

The change in the calculation of the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) on diesel in Rio Grande do Sul begins to take effect this Friday (1st). In practice, the tax charged per liter of S-10 fuel should drop by R$ 0.11.

The change, announced by the state government this week, follows a definition by the National Council for Finance Policy (Confaz).

With the new rule, the reference prices for ICMS calculation, which were frozen since November 2021, are no longer valid. The average of the last five years until May 2022 is now considered. This moving average will be recalculated at every month.

In Rio Grande do Sul, the reference price for the ICMS base calculation, which is currently around R$ 4.84, will drop to R$ 3.90. The change reduces the ICMS per liter of S-10 diesel from R$0.58 to R$0.47 – a decrease of R$0.11.

The average price of this type of fuel in the state of Rio Grande do Sul is around R$ 7.48, according to data from the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). Already the common diesel is at R$ 7.38.

According to the Secretary of Finance of Rio Grande do Sul, Marco Aurelio Cardoso, as the ICMS collection will be made by the average of the last five years, the effect on the tariff price is much smaller than that charged at the pumps at this time.

According to Cardoso, this happens because the value “is detached from the current moment, without the inflationary effects and the global economic crisis of June 2022”.

“It’s another step that confirms that the States are not, in any way, appropriating a higher ICMS due to fuel inflation. On the contrary, the rates here have dropped both nominally and effectively when compared to the pump price, being at 50% of their real value”, says the secretary.

Confaz changed the ICMS collection rules in the wake of the decision of the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) André Mendonça, who determined, last week, that the ICMS rates charged on all fuels be uniform throughout the country.

In relation to other fuels, the government of Rio Grande do Sul is still awaiting definitions with the other states on the conciliation chaired by Minister Gilmar Mendes. Management also monitors the meetings of the National Committee of Secretaries of Finance (Comsefaz) so that the movement is standardized.

Full tank

A survey by the Instituto Paulista do Transporte de Carga (IPTC), carried out at the request of the CNN shows that the cost of filling a truck’s tank, in the case of diesel, had an average increase of 30% in the first six months of this year.

According to the study, in January 2022, the cost to supply S-10 diesel to a medium-sized truck, with an average capacity of 280 liters, was BRL 1,519.28. Today, this value reaches R$ 1,969.52.

In the case of a large truck, with a capacity of 400 liters of fuel, the increase in cost went from R$ 2,170.4 in January this year to R$ 2,813.60 this month.

*With information from Elis Barreto, Gabriel Hirabahasi and Gabriela Coelho.

Source: CNN Brasil

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