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Reduction of diesel is viewed with reservations by truck drivers; importers approve

Reduction of diesel is viewed with reservations by truck drivers;  importers approve

This Friday (5), diesel starts to be sold R$ 0.20 cheaper for distributors. According to Petrobras, the average value will increase from R$5.61 to R$5.41.

The last price drop was recorded on May 1, 2021. In view of the reduction, the CNN heard sector entities about the new price.

For Sergio Araujo, executive president of the Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers (Abicom), the readjustment announced by Petrobras is consistent with the company’s pricing policy, on par with the international market.

Last Thursday, the lag of diesel oil in Brazil in relation to the value of imports ended the day at 10% or R$ 0.47, according to Abicom.

Even with the readjustment below the average value of the lag, Araujo understands that the company’s decision is understandable, since the market has observed great variation in these values ​​daily.

“The commodity market, especially diesel oil, is at a time of great volatility. So if, for example, Petrobras decides to reduce to reach international parity, the price can rise again in a few days, and it would have to readjust again, which would not have a good impact on the market. So, the most prudent thing is to gradually adjust and closely monitor these variations”, says Araujo.

The Brazilian Association of Motor Vehicle Drivers (Abrava) assesses that the reduction will only be positive if it reaches the pumps.

The entity highlights that the fuel faces uncertainties, given the world shortage and the need to import more than 20% to supply the domestic market.

“Truck drivers need transparency, safety and predictability, without which they are unable to work”, highlights the note released by the entity.

The National Association of Cargo Transport and Logistics (NTC) has not yet taken a position on the decrease in the price of diesel.

However, the entity released a study on the freight sector in which it highlights that fuel was the cost that had the greatest variation in the last 18 months: 104%. According to the association, the price of oil has risen by 62.8% in the last 12 months.

For the economist at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) André Braz, the impact of diesel on the official inflation indicator should be small. According to him, with the drop of 3.5%, the IPCA will shrink 0.01 percentage point in the next 30 days.

He explains that the most important effects of diesel are indirect, and thus more difficult to measure. However, if the price remains low, following oil, the chances of reducing values ​​in other segments, such as freight, increase.

New readjustment

According to the latest bulletin from the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), in the last week, the average price of common diesel (S-500) in the country was R$ 7.42.

Unlike gasoline, which reached R$ 7.39 in June and is currently around R$ 5.74, driven by the reduction in ICMS and two drops by Petrobras, the value of diesel has suffered more discreet reductions.

After four adjustments by Petrobras this year – 8% in January, 24.9% in March, 8.87% in May and 14.26% in June -, oil reached R$ 7.57, also in June, and registers a decrease of R$ 0.15 in approximately a month and a half.

Next week, the ANP should register whether the change in price will be felt at gas stations.

According to the company, the decrease announced this Thursday follows the evolution of reference prices, which have stabilized at a lower level for diesel, and is consistent with the company’s practice, which seeks to balance its values ​​with the market. global.

“Petrobras’ share of the consumer price will rise from R$ 5.05, on average, to R$ 4.87 for each liter sold at the pump”, announced the company.

Source: CNN Brasil



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