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Refugee requests will be analyzed case by case, says Argentina about 8/1 fugitives

Argentine government spokesman Manuel Adorni said this Monday (10) that requests for refuge to the country made by fugitives from the attacks on the headquarters of the Three Powers of Brazil on January 8 last year will be analyzed individually and in according to the law.

“If there are actually criminals in Argentina in the sense you mention, the corresponding legal path will be followed,” said the spokesperson, when asked by CNN at a press conference at the government headquarters whether the country will grant refuge to fugitives.

The Brazilian Federal Police confirmed to the CNN that at least 48 fugitives from January 8th were in Argentina, but authorities believe that even more convicts may have fled to the neighboring country.

According to the spokesperson for Casa Rosada, headquarters of the Argentine government, “the legality, legal feasibility and whether or not it corresponds” to asylum requests will be assessed by the country’s National Refugee Commission (Conare) on a case-by-case basis.

He tried, however, to separate the Casa Rosada from the Conare decision, made up of representatives from the Ministries of the Interior, Foreign Affairs, and other members of the government.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and non-governmental organizations also participate in the board, but without the right to vote.

“This decision is beyond us, I understand that [para a concessão de refúgio] Certain conditions need to be met, which will be seen in each case whether they are met or not and whether this is feasible”, stated Adorni.

“It is not possible to make any decision in advance or in advance other than specifically adhering to what the law and international security issues determine,” he added.

Asked whether Argentina will provide Brazil with information on whether 143 people convicted of undemocratic acts are in the country, the Casa Rosada spokesperson once again insisted on compliance with the legislation.

“Argentina will do everything that the law indicates it must do and if that means passing on information, it will do that, of course”, he pointed out regarding the request from the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to the Argentine chancellery last Friday (7).

After another question asked by CNN, the spokesperson did not answer whether there will be any monitoring of Brazilians wanted by the Brazilian police by local security forces.

Source: CNN Brasil

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