Refugees: Thirty NGOs call on Europe to stop deporting Afghan migrants

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Thirty non-governmental organizations have called on the European Union to “immediately” suspend them deportations Afghans immigrants due to the escalation of the conflict in this country, where the Taliban have intensified their military campaign in view of the complete withdrawal of foreign troops.

“The security situation in Afghanistan does not allow people to be sent to this country without risking their lives,” European NGOs said in a joint statement.

On July 11, Afghanistan called on European countries to stop deporting Afghan migrants for the next three months due to escalating conflict in the country. “Some European countries (such as Finland and Sweden) have heeded the call of the Afghan government and have stopped deporting them to Afghanistan, while others continue to do so,” the NGOs said. The organizations say they are “deeply concerned” about the fate of Afghan migrants and are urging European countries to “reconsider all the negative answers they have given to asylum seekers who are still in Europe” due to the recent deterioration in the security situation. They also called on European countries to “focus” on adopting measures aimed at “preventing any future escalation of violence” in Afghanistan.

The Taliban launched a military operation against Afghan forces in early May as foreign troops withdrew from the war-torn country. The insurgents have taken control of vast areas of the countryside, without any resistance from Afghan forces, who have now lost the support of the United States, a key ally. “The already horrific situation in the country is deteriorating even more, with increased violence against civilians,” warn NGOs. Afghans accounted for 10.6% of asylum seekers in the EU in 2020 (just over 44,000 out of a total of 416,600), the second largest ethnic group after Syrians (15.2%), according to Eurostat.

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