Regé-Jean Page, Chris Evans y Ryan Gosling protagonizarán ‘The Gray Man’

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What could be better than seeing Regé-Jean Page in Bridgerton? Even if you think it is impossible, the truth is that there is something even more perfect and that is to see him acting alongside Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

The three gallants will be part of the next Netflix production The Gray Man. Next we will give you all the details about this new tape.

What will it be about The Gray Man

Mark Greaney Book Poster The Gray Man

The film is based on the novel that Mark Greaney wrote in 2009 and that tells the story of Court Gentry, a former CIA agent who, after becoming the best assassin, is the new target of another group of thugs.

A cast that will make you drool

Cast to star in Netflix movie the gray man

In addition to Regé-Jean Page, Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, in this film we can see Ana de Armas, Alfre Woodard, Billy Bob Thornton, Jessica Henwick, Wagner Moura, Dhanush and Julia Butters, at least that is how Netflix announced it in a photograph which he shared on his Instagram account.

Not only will the cast be of very good quality, it will also have brothers Joe and Anthony Russo directing the film. So success is assured, because they were in charge of some important Marvel films, including Avengers: Endgame. Those guys know how to do their job very well.

When will it be released?

Regé-Jean Page posing for a photograph during a photo shoot

The recordings will begin in Los Angeles this March, obviously with all the security measures. As for the release date, it is still unknown. Let’s hope they don’t take too long because we already want to see that trio of handsome men together on screen.

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