Regeni trial: the government forms a civil party

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The government forms a civil party in trial for the murder of Giulio Regeni which opens on Thursday 14 October 2021 in Rome. Confirmation of the choice of the Prime Minister is expected at the first hearing. The hearing evaluates the preliminary issues and decides the times and methods of the trial against the 007 Egyptians accused of kidnapping, torturing and killing the Italian researcher between January and February 2016.

“The government taking a civil part in the trial on the case of Giulio Regeni is a strong stance,” he says Read Fourthpelle which is part of the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the case.

«It is in continuity with what has been done so far. We called the ambassador back, we made all possible investigative tools available. It is the signal that Italy wants to get to the bottom of truth and justice in the Regeni case. It is an important sign ».

Giulio’s parents will be in the courtroom with their lawyer, Alessandra Ballerini. They will call the four to testify Presidents of the Council who have succeeded each other from 2016 to today: Matteo Renzi, Paolo Gentiloni, Giuseppe Conte and Mario Draghi. With them also the foreign ministers and the undersecretaries with responsibility for intelligence. They would also like to call the leaders of the Egyptian government to depose.

Preliminary but fundamental issues are examined in the first hearing. First, the reasons for the absence of the Egyptian intelligence agents accused of the Regeni murder: General Tariq Sabir, Colonel Athar Kamel, Colonel Usham Helmi and Major Magdi Ibrahim Sharif. There is evidence, documents and testimonies against them, but a new rogatory may also be requested to have them handed over from Egypt for trial.

«This process», continues Lia Quartapelle, «is important because no one at the time of the discovery of Giulio’s body would have imagined that we would have reached this point. This acknowledges the overall Italian effort. We are all saddened that the trial opens without the defendants. We would all like to take responsibility to get to know everything thoroughly. We know who, where, how and when it happened, but not all the reasons for the torture and killing. However, it is not a crime without a motive. We can imagine it, but the complete truth comes when all the voices are heard ».

A lot has been done and discovered for the Regeni case. “With the commission of inquiry we learned of similar cases in which not even a hundredth of what was done for Giulio Regeni was done”. The process can lead to a definitive truth. Much is also being done for Patrick Zaki. “Italian citizenship in Zaki is a tool to put pressure on, the government taking a civil part in the trial on the case of Giulio Regeni is a strong stance. Patrick is an Egyptian citizen, thankfully still alive, in an Egyptian prison. The cases are different even if both highlight the brutality of the Egyptian regime ”.

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