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Rehabilitation clinic patient dies after torture; employee is arrested in Cotia (SP)

The patient of a rehabilitation clinic for drug addicts in Cotia, in Greater São Paulo, Jarmo Celestino De Santana, 55, died this Monday (8), after being tied to a chair and filmed by employees of the establishment .

In the video, a clinic monitor, Matheus De Camargo Pinto, 24, shows the victim shirtless and with his arms tied behind the back of the chair and says: “One more there, look, in the unit there, Efatá there, look, follow-up…” Four men laugh at the situation. The images were taken on Friday (5).

On Monday (8), the Municipal Civil Guard (GCM) was called to respond to an incident at the site due to bodily injury and sent Matheus and nurse Cleber Fabiano da Silva to the Cotia (SP) police station to clarify the case.

The man who appears in the images was taken to a health center in the city of Vargem Grande do Sul (SP) and died during the occurrence. In a note, the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) states that the victim did not survive the injuries .

At the police station, Matheus confessed to recording the video. The Civil Police also accessed the therapist’s cell phone and found an audio that he sent to the profile “Danny grandma criminal”, in which he admits to the assault: “I covered it with a stick, I covered it… I got here at the unit… I got really angry… I covered it with a stick. My hand is all swollen.” His and Cleber’s cell phones were seized.

The case was registered as torture qualified by the death result according to the police report. Matheus was arrested in flagrante delicto. The report states that the employee used violence to subject the victim, who was under his care, to intense physical or mental suffering .

In an interview with CNN delegate Adair Marques stated that Matheus said that he “used force a few times to restrain the victim, that he was aggressive and had some outbursts”.

On Tuesday (9), Matheus’ arrest was converted to preventive. The delegate also reports that employees of the Efatá Therapeutic Community will be investigated to determine participation or omission in the torture. The men who appear laughing in the video and the owners at the scene will be interviewed.

Clinic closed

The City of Cotia reports that a Health Surveillance team was at the site this Tuesday (9) and found that it was a clandestine private clinic “without any type of authorization to operate”, according to the note.

The place was closed and the person in charge was notified to contact the relatives of the inmates for the immediate removal of all those who remained in the space, according to the city hall. The city’s Health Department also reports that identified signs of mistreatment in other patients .

A CNN tried to contact the defense of the establishment and the accused and received no response until the publication of this article.

*With information from Thomaz Coelho

Source: CNN Brasil

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