Relaxation in two phases of restrictive measures in focus and entertainment

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By Dimitris Gatsios

The χάρτη road map, which will lead, within a reasonable period of time, to the lifting of the sanitary measures that have been in force for three weeks for the treatment of the “Omicron” executive, is outlined step by step by the government.

Megaro Maximou is waiting for tomorrow’s meeting of the specialists of the Ministry of Health, who will submit their suggestions for the steps of… careful return of catering and entertainment to normal operating rhythms, as long as the focus is mainly on the imprint of hospitalizations and of admissions to Intensive Care Units.

With the… bet on the resumption of lifelong learning in education winning, as government officials say in their public statements, what is being sought is the… compass of a relaxation aimed at protecting public health and the smooth running of economic and social life , at a time when the Prime Minister hastened to mention, from Strasbourg and the stage of the meeting of the MEPs of the European People’s Party, the results of the obligation in the rhythms of the vaccination coverage of the community.

“Today is actually the first day that we apply, in practice, compulsory vaccination for people over 60. And this is the first day that we impose fines on those who refused to be vaccinated. What I can tell you is that the strategy until We have increased the vaccination rate by more than 15 percentage points since we announced the strategy, so many went and were vaccinated, one of the reasons being, I think, people over 60 years old “, noted Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

In the last twenty-four hours and looking at the pandemic indicators, the government has seen a sharp drop in the number of recorded cases, a fact that, as factors point out, causes moderate optimism. The evolution of the pandemic, however, remains uncertain due to the many asymptomatic carriers and the dynamics of the virus. At the same time, the simultaneous presence of two mutations, namely “Delta” and “Omicron”, maintains the increased pressure in the National Health System, mainly in simple hospital beds, while the spread of “Omicron” in the community is over 80%, Half of the hospitalizations come from the “Delta” mutation, which causes a more serious disease and puts more pressure on the Intensive Care Units. All these data will be discussed both at tomorrow’s meeting at the Maximos Palace, under Mr. Mitsotakis, and at the “established” appointment “of experts, before the announcements on the fronts of easing the restrictions, which seem to come in two phases. .

In this context, from the beginning of the week, it is considered possible the return of music to health stores, but also the increase of occupancy in the stadiums to 20%, from 10% that is valid today.

However, opening hours in catering and entertainment, teleworking in the public and private sectors, as well as the universal use of masks outdoors and indoors seem to remain part of everyday life at least until the end of January.


Source From: Capital

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