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Remember the career of singer Chrystian and the duo’s trajectory with Ralf

The singer Chrystian He died at the age of 67 on Wednesday night (19) in São Paulo. He was admitted to Samaritano Hospital. The countryman was diagnosed with polycystic kidney, also known as polycystic kidney syndrome, a genetic disease that generates cysts in the organ.

Born in Goiânia, in Goiás, the artist gained fame alongside his brother, Ralf, when they formed the duo Chrystian and Ralf. Together, they released 20 albums, as well as 32 compilations and 2 acoustic DVDs. Over the years, they have won 15 Gold, 9 Platinum and 4 Diamond Records.

Among the duo’s hits are songs like “Cry Chest” , “My Gioconda” , “Turn around, turn around” , “Time to time” , “Shampoo Smell” , “New York” , “Moonlight Eyes” It is “Longing” .

Before joining his brother, Chrystian had a solo career. He recorded several songs in English, among them, “Don’t Say Goodbye” , which appeared on the soundtrack of the soap opera “Cavalo de Aço”, on TV Globo, in 1973. The song stayed on the music charts for 19 weeks. However, the agreement with the record company asked for anonymity.

After that, he started singing with his brother. Until 1975, they recorded several songs in English. In 1983, the duo decided to take on the country genre and released their first album. In the same decade, they became the first country duo to release a CD, with the compilation, “Invitation to Listen to Chrystian and Ralf”.

Over the years, several of the brothers’ songs have been included in the soundtracks of soap operas on TV Globo, SBT and TV Record, achieving national success. The duo was also internationally recognized, with songs in English and Spanish, and toured outside Brazil.

In 2000, Chrystian and Ralf announced that they were separating to focus on their solo careers after 16 years. Chrystian released the album “Final Kiss” with two songs that would be re-recorded years later: “It’s in My Heart” by Edson & Hudson, in 2005, and “It was just a mistake” by Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano, in 2006.

The following year, the brothers announced their return and released more than 10 albums until 2021, when they announced the definitive end of the duo, when Chrystian decided to pursue a solo career. He had a show scheduled for June 22nd, in Franco da Rocha, in the interior of São Paulo, but it was canceled due to health problems.

Chrystian was married to digital influencer Key Vieira, 54, with whom he had two children: João and Lia Vieira.

*With information from the Cravo Albin Dictionary of Brazilian Popular Music

Source: CNN Brasil

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