Remixlive 6.5.0

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Remixlive Is an essential app for instant remixing, powered by professional samples. Remix music with synchronized loops, sounds and FX.

MixVibes, the pioneer of digital DJing, presents the ultimate remixing toolbox: stack samples on a grid of pads and tweak them in seconds. Don’t have any equipment manufacturing? Remixlive is everything you need to turn ideas into high quality tracks.

Want to create unique songs? Record live TV input through your device’s microphone and capture any sound, voice or instrument. Fine-tune your samples as in DAW software production by editing their length and envelope (ADSR). Play multiple samples in a speaker in multiple modes to create rich and layered sounds.

Remixlive is optimized for live performance: changing the tempo, adjusting the tone of the samples, or playing them in reverse, all in real time!

  • Mesh: 24 pads on a mobile phone, 48 on a tablet.
  • 48 samples per pack: beats, bass, melodies, vocals and FX samples.
  • 24 packaging designs ranging from hip hop to Dubstep – and more.
  • An executive package by legendary DJ / producer Carl Cox and more to be added.
  • Create new packages by mixing and matching samples from existing packages.
  • Colored Overlays: Choose from 16 colors to customize the grid.
  • Instant FX Overlay: Delay, Filter, Flanger, Reverb, and more.
  • Control levels, filters, Mute and Solo on each channel.
  • (for tablets only) Professional sounding three-band equalizer on each channel.
  • Loop your track using a variety of pad rhythm repeats, from 2 bars down to one beat.
  • Live control of BPM (stretch time): change the tempo on the fly without changing the pitch.
  • Multiple mode: play multiple pads in a column at the same time.
  • Trigger a whole line of samples simultaneously with a simple touch on the screen.
  • Record IMP4 performance.
  • Share your recordings via email and SoundCloud, or open them in other apps.
  • Tap Tempo: Beat to adjust the Master BPM value. /// edit samples
  • Edit Mode Play (Loop, One Shot, Gate), Quantize, Gain, ADSR, Pan, Division Loop, Reverse.
  • New Retrigger Mode: Click on a sample to replay it from the beginning.
  • Import your own samples directly from your library (MP3, WAV, OGG, MP4, AAC / M4A, 16/24 bit, 32 seconds maximum).
  • Record any sound or voice through your device microphone or from any Android compatible microphone or sound card.
  • Load, move and duplicate any sample, anywhere on the grid.
  • Transpose: Raise or lower the tone of your samples.
  • Audio Limiter: Avoid Saturation.
  • Search all samples or browse samples by category: packages, plumes, sounds or user.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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