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“Renascer” actress speaks out after being identified as male in exam

Actress of “Reborn” , Gabriela Loran 30, made a statement on social media this Wednesday (10) after being identified with the male gender by the laboratory where he underwent a medical examination.

In the post, shared on her Instagram profile, the artist mentioned the difficulty of living in Brazil as a transsexual woman .

“Today, looking at my blood tests, I came across this MALE. […] Yes, my loves, it is not easy at all to live in Brazil carrying the burden of being a trans person, I say ‘burden’, not because it is, but because of the unpreparedness of this society”, he began his outburst.

Gabriela then said it was disheartening to seek medical help and come across all this violence. “I’m still here without knowing what to do and a bit exhausted from all this,” she said.

The actress, who has already had her birth certificate rectified with her new name and gender changed to female, also recalled that, when seeking medical care in Thailand, she received appropriate treatment.

In January, the actress underwent sex reassignment surgery in the country. After the procedure, she celebrated the first time she peed.

“On the other hand, I also put on this carousel the exams I did in Thailand, where we see the humane way I was treated. And I further reinforce this post with the photo of my ALREADY RECTIFIED certification. What do I do now? Do I leave everything aside and ignore my health? There is so much wear and tear,” she added.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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