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“Renascer” actress suffers transphobia for celebrating her first pee after surgery

The actress who plays the Maitê character in the soap opera “Renascer”, Gabriela Loran 30, suffered transphobia attacks on social media this week for celebrate the first pee she had after undergoing sexual reassignment surgery . She exposed the situation and received support from artists such as Pablo Vittar 30, Liniker 28, and Preta Gil 49.

Among the various discriminatory messages, Gabriela read content that said she was not a woman, that talked about God and the impossibility of her getting pregnant.

The actress underwent intimate surgery in January this year and has been sharing the processes she has been experiencing for the first time on social media. “I'm going on the fourth month post-op. It’s been four months living a beautiful process of rebirth!”

In the medical procedure, the sexual organ is resized, with the construction of a vaginal canal and clitoris. Gabriela published a video in which she appears sitting on a toilet while peeing for the first time in her new physical condition. “It’s something indescribable. Beautiful and emotional process that I experienced,” she wrote.

The publication also has other testimonial videos in which she talks about the emotion of her first pee: “How crazy. It didn't hurt at all. What happiness. Jesus! My God. It feels like I'm coming home. It seems like I've always been like this.”

After the transphobic attacks in the comments, Gabriela received support from Liniker, who wrote that he loved her. “So many idiots,” wrote Pabllo Vittar.

Preta Gil was yet another celebrity who defended the actress: “Honey, you are beautiful, and they are horrible. Keep shining. I am with you and I will not open.”

Gabriela Loran also took a stand against the discriminatory attacks she suffered, arguing that she only has love and honesty to offer. “You will never see me attacking any type of person. Life is a breath and, without a doubt, I prefer to invest my time in what lifts my spirit.”

“None of this affects me. Do you know why? Because I know who I am. And, without a doubt, if I came into this world it was to educate in a didactic way and use my existence to spread knowledge. Many died for me to be here, so, sincerely, I embrace this entire legacy and use my voice,” she declared.

In the soap opera “Renascer”, Gabriela’s character, Maitê, is a friend of the character Buba, played by actress Gabriela Medeiros.

Source: CNN Brasil

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