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“Renascer”: remember what Teca’s birth was like in the 1st version

Just like in the remake of “Reborn” in the first version written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, Teak (Paloma Duarte) lied to José Inocêncio (Antonio Fagundes) when saying that his son was from Venâncio (Thaumaturgo Ferreira). However, in 1993, the cocoa producer only discovered the truth after giving birth.

Afraid of the protagonist’s reaction, the young woman fled the farm and was found by Maria Santa (Patrícia França), who guided her to the Brunette (Regina Dourado).

As soon as she got there, the teenager felt the first contractions of labor and received help from her mother. Deocletian (Roberto Bomfim) and Sandra (Luciana Braga).

Meanwhile, on his farm, José Inocêncio was furious about Teca’s escape, questioning the whereabouts of his grandson’s mother. One of the only ones to know the truth, Buba (Maria Luísa Mendonça) tried to convince the protagonist to forget about the child.

It didn’t take long for the news that the young woman was at Morena’s house to arrive. Furious, the farmer went to the place in search of Teca. Upon arriving there, he discovered that the character was in labor.

The scene was marked by a lot of tension, as only Buba and Jose Augusto (Marcos Ricca) knew that the child could be born brown. Considering the fact that in the first version practically all the characters were white, this characteristic was a great indication that the baby was not Venâncio’s.

While waiting to meet the child, Inocêncio was surprised by the appearance of Maria Santa, who assured the character that the boy who had just been born was much more than his grandson.

As soon as he entered the room where Teca gave birth, the protagonist did not suspect anything, as the newborn was still “pink”. The next day, however, when visiting the little one, many noticed that he was “darker” than anyone else in the family.

It was in this way that the child’s paternity was revealed. In the first version, Du never appeared in the soap opera. Teca’s great love, the character disappeared into the world and, after a long time, the young woman discovered that he had been murdered in a massacre.

In the remake, in addition to the truth being revealed through a DNA test, Teca’s (Lívia Silva) child will be intersex and will be called Cacau.

Source: CNN Brasil

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