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Renault signs partnership with The Sandbox metaverse

One of the largest automotive companies in the world has partnered with The Sandbox platform to host its own platform in the virtual world.

The project will be handled by Korean subsidiary Renault Korea Motors, which will conduct a series of events related to the design and construction of virtual cars to introduce potential customers to the company’s products inside the metaverse.

“We can provide our users with new types of experiences that combine cars and digital assets. This partnership is a great example of the collaboration that The Sandbox can develop by going beyond its own,” said The Sandbox CEO Cindy Lee.

The initiative should help Renault reach a wider audience and expand its potential customer base. So far, the extent of cooperation has not been precisely reported.

Earlier, Japanese car manufacturer Nissan joined the VRChat metaverse to launch one of its latest Sakura electric vehicle lines. The company said that the partnership made it possible to establish very close contact with the audience.

In 2018, Renault was one of the four largest automotive manufacturers that founded the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) blockchain consortium focused on using blockchain to control and manage data in the automotive industry. Three other manufacturers included Ford, BMW and General Morots.

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