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Renzo Bossi got married: the story of his wedding to Izabela Corina Juncu

On a cold January day, Renzo Bossi, better known as The Trout, is back in the news. Years after the graduation-gate on the alleged title taken in Albania, the name of son of the founder of the Northern League, Umberto Bossi, returns to circulate on the Internet.

The reason? The 35-year-old got married. The better half responds to the name of Izabela Corina Joncu and she is a perfume entrepreneur of Romanian origins who is very active on social media, so much so that it is strange not to find on her Instagram page not only any photos of the wedding, but not even a shot of her boyfriend and now husband.

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We know that the wedding was decidedly intimate, taking place in the presence of about fifteen guests, mostly family members (no politicians involved). They took place with a civil ceremony in Gemonio, village in the Varese area where the Bossi family lives, in the rooms of the civic museum dedicated to Floriano Bodini, a sculptor born in the small town, and the mayor Samuel Lucchini officiated. The spouses have announced that later they will also join in a religious ceremony.

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Present at the sober wedding of course iFather Umberto arrived at the event in a wheelchair together with his wife Manuela Marrone. The Senatùr's second son has long since abandoned the world of politics which, in fact, represented only a small parenthesis for him. Elected at Pirellone in 2010 as regional councilor of the Carroccio in Lombardy, he then resigned in 2012 following the Belsito scandal, after an investigation into the use of public funding from the Northern League for personal purposes.

Today he opened a farm in Brenta and declared that he felt much more at ease in the role of a farmer than in that of a political exponent, as he had anticipated in 2012 in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Source: Vanity Fair

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