Reopens Fico, the Disneyland »of Italian food

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Among the various meanings of the number 7 in numerology, one is completeness.
07 07 07 is the “magical” figure that marks the reopening of Fico Bologna, the “Disneyland” of Italian food, on the 7th of July 7th at 7pm. Password? Fun. After the Grand Opening on July 7th, the park will open continuously from 22 July (from Thursday to Sunday, from 11 to 22, on Saturdays until 24).
The only food park of this kind in the world, heir to the concept of Expo Milano 2015 and a symbol of the Food Valley, Fico after a year of work has become a real theme park, designed to make the visitor experience a experience park “That combines passion for food and entertainment”, as Stefano Cigarini, the new CEO of Fico Eataly World, said: “30 new attractions, 7 themed areas, 26 between Restaurants and Street Food, 13 Factories with multimedia shows, one animal farm to excite young and old.

A special day for those who love to enjoy good food and the pleasures of life ».

And good food can also be fun, play and discovery: the new “park to taste” has a multisensory approach, designed to stimulate the 5 senses thanks to taste, olfactory, visual, sound and tactile experiences, such as cooking classes, the possibility of crossing a 6-meter-high form of cheese, riding a Sicilian cannoli, kneading a pizza or climbing to aboard a peasant carousel, swing in the orchard on a 7-meter swing, guess the secret ingredient of an ice cream. Spread over about 15 hectares (the size of 10 football fields), Fico is divided into 7 thematic areas, six dedicated to a great excellence of Made in Italy: the area of ​​cured meats and cheeses, pasta, wine, oil, sweets, and one reserved for games and sports.
To complete the park, a farmer amusement park, Luna Farm. Fico confirms his eco-sustainable commitment thanks to the 55,000 square meters of rooftop photovoltaic system, one of the largest in Europe, advanced district heating systems and the extensive use of green and recyclable materials.

Quality food and wine shopping is guaranteed by 2,000 square meters of market managed by Eataly, one of the two partners of Fico Eataly World, together with Coop Alleanza 3.0.
With the new project they come to life too 13 Multimedia factories, with a series of shows with animated projections on their windows (transparent led display technology), which thanks also to special polarized films allow you to observe how they work, simulating the production process and revealing the machinery they contain.
After the show, guests can visit the places where cheese and bread, pasta and sauces, beer and oil are produced.
Other protagonists, right from the entrance, are farm animals, while those from the courtyard are located along the path inside the park. It will be possible to milk a cow, groom a horse, feed a goat or chickens and pet a rabbit, also learning, with the advice of the farmer, how to take care of them.
Tickets, information and timetables can be found on the website

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