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Reorganization after the ‘no’ in early elections

Reorganization after the ‘no’ in early elections

By Dimitris Gatsiou

The political calendar is now moving to the new data formed by the prime minister’s hermetically closing every window for recourse to an early national ballot. With the backdrop of the polarization between the government and SYRIZA defining the momentum of the previous days, always reminding that the country is walking the first steps of a long pre-election period, the strategies and plans that had as a point of reference the possibility of rapid developments, even and during the second fortnight of September, they are readjusted, as it is expected that “blue” ministers and MPs will… slow down on the way to claim the “cross”. However, where the foot, as typical executives report, is and will be… stuck on the gas, it is in the continuation of government work and the production of reforms, with… DNA, primarily social.

The sign

Having entered the fourth year of government and in a period of multiple crises and challenges (mainly energy and financial), Mr. Mitsotakis emphasizes the agenda of the everyday life of the citizens, having as goals both the consolidation of the changes promoted by Megaro Maximos and the co-competent ministries as well as the strengthening of the “blue” footprint in the middle class, the workers, the most vulnerable fellow citizens. Greater emphasis on the “here it is” sign of social policy in terms of central planning. And, through his statement yesterday, on the occasion of the implementation of the Power Pass, the prime minister demonstrated, once again, what is at the forefront of the government’s discourse: the support of households and businesses for as long as the… Companions of the energy rally. “We will exhaust every fiscal margin in order to protect the purchasing power of the citizens. But the margins have limits. And anyone who promises easy solutions is just telling easy lies,” was his characteristic aversion, which he targeted, as noted by factors , and the populism of unrestrained and empty promises.

Turns up

By cutting… with a knife the electioneering, which caused more or less surprise to those inside or outside the “blue” walls who considered it highly possible to… push the button in the fall, the prime minister… paves the political field for the next critical months, with the geopolitical and economic parameters in the equation of uncertainties open at the global level. Accelerating the pace of output of government work is the big bet, with Mr Mitsotakis’ signals to ministers emphatic about pushing ahead with portfolio-by-portfolio reforms. The key phrase “we said it, we did it” is characteristic of the central objectives, as are the reports (now acquiring almost daily characteristics) that all the pre-election commitments of the New Democracy are implemented.

These dividing lines between “practice and promise”, between “work production and inaction”, are expected to be continuously highlighted by the government in the next period of time. The signal of the intensification of the legislative demarcation is clear, just as it is equally clear that the prime minister will continue his tours in Attica and the region as normal and at a greater pace. After Komotini and Western Attica, regions of Western Greece and Epirus will take their turn in the coming days, in a new round of contacts and discussions between Mr. Mitsotakis and society, which will conclude at the end of the first week of August. “We want to communicate to citizens the moves we have made in terms of reducing tax burdens. In terms of development, support against crises, shielding the most vulnerable. In terms of reforms in critical sectors, such as education and health, but also the digital transformation of the state”, executives comment. In the end, many officials of the government are betting on the comparison of the deeds of the “blue” four-year period with that of SYRIZA. Because the dilemmas before the national ballot box have already been set.

“When the time comes for the elections, we will say ‘what exactly do we remember from the four-year Tsipras?’ Taxes, pension cuts and lies. At least for us, the Greek people will say: they reduced unemployment, brought investments, reduced taxes and contributions. We supported society in both the pandemic and the energy crisis,” Mr. Mitsotakis has emphasized, addressing Mr. Tsipras.


With the resounding closure of any early election scenarios, the debate in the… blue interior is now related to when the prime minister will choose to push through the changes related to the composition of the ministerial team.

Given that the time until the national ballot is not negligible, executives insist that in the next period Mr. Mitsotakis will activate the restructuring of the government structure. A scheme that will go all the way to the national ballot. A milestone that some “see” is related to that of the Fifteenth of August. And the days that will follow this particular three-day period are considered pivotal, as the prime minister’s ascension will follow at the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki (Mr. Mitsotakis will speak at the TIF on September 10), which could be accompanied by a message of a total restart in all levels, expressed not only by the development of strategies, but also by a newly composed cabinet.

The question, however, in this case is, if the prime minister… triggers the reformation, what kind will it be. Until now, Mr. Mitsotakis has shown that he prefers targeted moves, in portfolios in which malfunctions are observed or further strengthening is required. And there are not a few who wonder if the time has come for structural changes and the greatest shuffling of the… deck, through mergers or moves that will cover the wider government apparatus. In any case, the well-known aversion “everyone is evaluated and judged” applies in this case as well, pending any prime ministerial decisions.

* Republished from the newspaper “Kefalaio” which is in circulation

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