Repatriation of seven French children detained in Syria


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France proceeds Wednesday January 13 with the repatriation of seven children of French jihadists detained in camps in Syria. An operation that “leaves a bitter taste” to relatives of detainees, regularly denouncing the government’s policy of dribbling repatriation. “France has the capacity to repatriate whoever it wants, when it wants”, wrote the Collective of united families in a press release. Since the territorial collapse of the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria in March 2019, 35 French children have been repatriated, either orphans or children whose mothers have agreed to separate.

“Waiting for each mother to” crack “one by one to repatriate the children does not constitute a child protection policy, and does not allow the repatriation of all the children,” criticizes the collective. This “policy”, these relatives still denounce, “consists in” saving “a few children from time to time and letting all the others suffer and perish in the camps”.

Two hundred French children would be in “immediate” danger

In the winter of 2018-2019, at least 29 children were frozen to death in Al Hol camp. And today several French women are in a very serious state of health, of which at least one suffers from cancer.

In early December, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child ruled that the more than 200 French children detained in tent camps in northeastern Syria are in “immediate” danger there. Are mentioned in this opinion, of which Agence France Presse has obtained a copy, “risks of irreparable damage to their lives, their physical and mental integrity and their development”.

France, adds this UN committee, and contrary to what it says, “exercises jurisdiction over these children” and must therefore ensure that they are treated and protected in accordance with the international conventions that it has signed. .

For the United Families Collective, “we must put an end to the infamy of the incarceration of all these innocent children, once and for all, in accordance with the imperatives of security, and respecting the rule of law, human rights. , the rights of the child ”.

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