Request to cancel Tarcísio’s change of electoral domicile is filed

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The Regional Electoral Attorney of São Paulo filed, on Wednesday (8), a request for the annulment of the transfer of electoral domicile of former minister Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans) to the state. He is a pre-candidate for the government of São Paulo.

According to the Attorney General’s decision, the documents presented by the defense of the pre-candidate for the government of São Paulo “indicate links between Tarcísio and the municipality of São José dos Campos”, in Vale do Paraíba.

“Links were proven with proof of family ties of the represented in this district, where his sister, brother-in-law and nephews live, with whom Tarcísio de Gomes Freitas maintains contact with the possible frequency”, says the decision.

The Prosecutor’s Office cited article 23 of resolution No. 23.569/2021 of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), which establishes that for the purpose of transferring the electoral domicile, it is necessary to prove “the existence of a residential, affective, family, professional, community or other bond” that justifies the choice of the municipality”.

PSOL also asks for annulment of electoral domicile

In addition to the process annulled by the Attorney General’s Office, another petition, filed by the PSOL this Thursday (9), requests that the transfer of electoral domicile of the Republican pre-candidate be annulled.

The action, signed by Juliano Medeiros, president of the acronym, asks for the investigation of the reasons for the transfer of the electoral domicile of Tarcísio — who went from Brasília to São José dos Campos (SP).

“Despite the ignorance of the reasons [da transferência]the fact has strong state and national relevance, given the announced candidacy for the government of the state of São Paulo of one of the main former ministers of the current federal government”, adds the petition.

wanted by CNN the pre-candidate for the government of São Paulo Tarcísio de Freitas has not commented until the publication of this report.


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Source: CNN Brasil

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