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Rescues of people in Gaza will become more difficult, assesses Itamaraty

After the withdrawal of the group of Brazilians from the Gaza Strip, Itamaraty assesses that it will become more difficult for any country to carry out new repatriation missions in the region, according to the report. CNN .

One of the reasons is Israel’s siege of hospitals and health facilities in the north of the country, which has increased the Israeli military presence in the region and also the climate of suspicion that there are Hamas members among civilians trying to escape the war. .

The departure of the group of Brazilians occurred after intense negotiations, with an exceptional change in priority rules, brokered by Qatar.

For the first time since the opening of the Rafah border, there was no requirement this weekend for ambulances with injured people to leave first. The priority was reversed, giving preference to the exit of foreigners, including Brazilians.

The lack of predictability regarding the opening of the border with Egypt is bad news for those left behind. Of the 7,000 people who declared an interest in leaving the region, only around half have managed to leave so far.

As found out by the CNN in addition to this first group that managed to leave Gaza after 35 days since the start of the conflict, there is a second list that has between 40 and 50 people interested in leaving the region.

They are Brazilians and close relatives who showed interest in repatriation after the escalation of the conflict and humanitarian crisis.

Itamaraty, however, treats new requests as one-offs. There was extensive consultation with the Brazilian community until the end of October. At the time, however, not all Brazilians in the region expressed interest.

Source: CNN Brasil

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