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Research: 40% of the audience of decentralized games consists of bots

Co-founder of the Jugger project Levan Kvirkvelia analyzed more than 60 decentralized games and reported that 40% of active accounts in them are bots or “twinks”.

Project Jugger specializes in preventing bots from being used in Web3 projects. Huge amounts of money are being poured into DeFi and GameFi – in the first half of the year alone, about $20 billion was invested in such projects. Therefore, some developers are trying to exaggerate the user base and activity in their games.

“During the analysis of more than 60 games and services, we found 200,000 bots. On average, each Web3 game has about 40% bots. We associate wallets used in games with a specific person or organization, and this way we can identify bots and twinks,” wrote Levan Kvirkvelia on Twitter.

Earlier, ChainPlay conducted a survey among 2,428 investors and reported that 75% of respondents entered the cryptocurrency market solely because of their interest in GameFi.

Source: Bits

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