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Resident of RS who lost his wife in the 2023 flood has his house flooded for the 3rd time

In eight months, Milton Alves da Silva lost his house three times due to the heavy rains that hit the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the months of September and November 2023, and now, in May 2024.

Material losses seem like a mere detail when Milton, a truck driver and resident of Lajeado, a city in Vale do Taquari, remembers that he lost his wife in one of the floods.

“On September 5, 2023, I was saved through the roof of my house, by a speedboat. My wife was rescued by helicopter, but she ended up falling and drowning. Then they rescued the body,” she reports.

Maria da Conceição Alves da Silva, better known as Conci, was 50 years old and left behind four children and eight grandchildren. Born in Bragança, Pará, Conci grew up in the water and knew how to swim, but ended up not resisting. Without a vest, she drowned.

“She fell into the water, was swimming in front of me, but was submerged and, during her second rescue, she came out of the water dead. It was all watched by me, I was ten meters away”, she recalls.

The frustrated rescue and the loss of the house in the three floods did not take away Milton's hopes. “If she (wife) went and He (God) left me here, I have to rebuild my life.”

“I rebuilt the house in September. I lost everything again in November. Rebuilt. Now I have lost everything again, but I have faith that I will still rebuild my house,” she said.

With the recent rains that hit the state this May, Milton's house was flooded again. He had to go to the city's shelter, but, due to health problems, the Lajeado resident managed to get a roof over his head at his girlfriend's house. “Her daughter and son-in-law are at the shelter so I can stay here.”

Report on social media

Milton decided to talk about the tragedies on social media, where he has almost 30 thousand followers. Milton's resilience and strength draw attention. “Fight, rebuild, smile and don’t fight. Joy must remain with us”, he said in one of the videos.

After the water receded, the Lajeado resident returned to see what was left of the property in this third flood. “I'm going to have to leave the house where I got married, raised three of my children, four of my wife's children, I lost her here. In November I had another weather event, two storms, with two house collapses. And now total ruin has come.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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