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Residents of Caxias do Sul report earthquake and firefighters advise evacuation

Residents of the city of Caxias do Sul, in Serra Gaúcha, reported earthquakes in the early hours of this Monday (13) amid the heavy rains and floods that hit Rio Grande do Sul. The region's Fire Department reported that it is checking reports and advised residents to immediately leave their homes if cracks appear.

On social media, residents said they felt the house “shake” at least three times. In videos, there are also reports of popping noises. A CNN questioned the state's Civil Defense about the tremor, but there has been no response yet.

On Sunday morning (12), Caxias recorded a landslide that left one person dead. According to information from the city hall, an administrative building of the Caxias do Sul Development Company (Codeca) was hit by the collapse, in Vila Maestra, in the north of the city.

Luciano Henrique Santos Lacava, 49, who had been a Codeca employee for 20 years, died. According to the municipal administration, he had arrived before his usual time when he was buried inside the administrative sector building. The security guard from the Epavi security company, Felipe Drum da Silva, was also at the scene, suffered minor injuries and was treated by SAMU.

Hours later, a second landslide hit the Codeca asphalt plant, also part of the complex. The equipment was completely destroyed. According to the city hall, there is no forecast for the resumption of asphalt operations and production.

Damage to roads and canceled classes

Intense rains caused the collapse of barriers at two points on the RS-453, on the way down from the Serra to Vale do Taquari, in the municipalities of Boa Vista do Sul and Westfália. This highway, which connects Serra and Vale, has traffic completely blocked.

Another point of closure occurred on RS-122, at the exit from Caxias do Sul to the neighboring municipality of Farroupilha, due to a barrier collapse.

On BR-116, the stretch of km 174, near Caxias do Sul, was permanently blocked after one of the pillars that supports the bridge under the Caí River gave way and cracks appeared in the pavement, according to the Federal Highway Police.

The City of Caxias, through the Municipal Department of Education (SMED), announced that face-to-face activities in municipal schools in the interior will be suspended from Monday (13) to Wednesday (15). The decision was taken after a meeting with the City Hall Crisis Committee and later in a meeting with school management.

The main reason for the suspension of face-to-face activities is due to children's transport, due to poor conditions on interior roads, blocked or partially blocked, waterlogged ground and falling barriers.

Source: CNN Brasil

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